BrodDogs is here Sydney!

THE FAMOUS HOT DOG FOOD VAN is here! That’s right Sydney we’ve just received our very own glossy red BrodDogs van! Find it in its fixed location in Charlotte Lane, Westfield Chatswood for the next 365 days.


We’ve been following, more like hoping and praying one of us would either go to ACT to try these or BrodDogs would come to NSW, and now Sydney, you can get your next level hot dog fix anytime, operating 7 days a week.


Sascha Brodbeck, one half of the brains behind the creations says “I’ve sourced our ingredients personally and considered our offerings end to end, right down to the bread, we’ve sourced a baker that can make our bread to our specifications and texture, it’s light and fluffy and complements our dogs perfectly, this is important to us”

The BrodDog

We tried the original and most popular pick the ‘BrodDog’ (below) with the spicy kransky #wow – seriously good, smokey with a hint of spice but cooled down by the tasty slaw, additional toppings like the corn relish and gruyere cheese had us at hello! Not to mention the crispy sweet potato chips, who would have thought such a combo would work so so well. But the best surprise? The mini bacon bits you find nestled amongst that fluffy bread. Has our Brod-pick.

WTE Sydney Broddogs
WTE Sydney pic
That unmistakable red!

Joelle Bou-Jaoude the amazing other half to this brainchild tells us there’s 8 options on the menu “We’ve even got the pupdogs for those who want a smaller serving” Sounds good to us, 2 smaller dogs means we can get across more of the menu choices! #yass

Cheesy Chilli Chips

Check out the awesome graffiti and refurb too of Charlotte Lane.

TOP PICKS BrodDog, New Yorker & Cheesy Chilli Chips – Dogs from $5.5

BrodDogs Facebook 

BrodDogs Instagram

photo credits: Amy Jozing



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  1. forfoodssake says:

    Might have to take my dad here, he used to have a chain of hotdog shops back in the day!! Haha


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you serious?! I think I want to see papa foods sake face when he bites into this. I love a good hot dog. Let me know what you think after you go


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