By the Beard of Zeus!

FIVE LOCATIONS large across Sydney and counting, interstaters are salivating with Brisbane receiving their own in 2015 and more to come in 2016. Zeus is a long time dream of the boys behind the brand and Sydney’s really enjoying the experience.

There’s something really significant shifting in Sydney and Australia’s dining scene, we were always heavily multicultural however our food scene really leant towards asian flavours and influence and seldom came across authentic traditions of the mediterranean, at large.

Street Greek Food for sharing, pic:Zeus

Zeus is changing that, a fast casual restaurant, it’s fast food made fresh, grilling locally sourced Lamb, pork and the likes over their grill. A restaurant feel but casual enough for a quick stop, and the food? Taking traditional Greek recipes and turning them into mouth watering eats available locally. The pita alone was one of the most important elements, a traditional taste and thickness.

The Zeus Pita – the choice for one is tough! pic:Zeus

We visited their newest location ‘Rosebery’, the space and design is well thought out, the outdoor area is spacious, ideal for large groups.The menu is perfect for one, two or more, a choice of share plates, individual pitas and sides. A real greek feast of options. Best of all local residents can get home delivery! #winning

Home delivered Zeus! pic:Zeus

Zeus is not your average food chain, they’re a family, they care and what’s more, it shows. Sourcing ingredients from people like them, families, supporting the local community and paying homage to their heritage, Yiayia (grandma) would be uber proud!

‘The Philosophy of Food’ pic:Zeus

Our picks, the calamari is incredibly light, perfect with a greek salad. We love the classic ‘Uncle Tzimmy’ pita (pork) those cheeky fries in there, takes us back to our own childhood, and we love the tzatziki here.

Photo 18-12-2015, 2 19 34 PM.jpg
That Feta!

Must try is the ‘Softshell Crab’ the combinations of ingredients is just delicious! Good options available for Vegetarians too.

One of the best offerings is the ‘Nude Zeus’ this allows you to have all the meat and no pita, so for the health conscious, there’s something here for you too! Team this up with any of the amazing salads and you’ve got a healthy dinner out.



Try Zeus and tell us what you think, got any favs you want to share with us? We want to know! Facebook Instagram




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  1. Anne says:

    When are you guys coming to Wetherill Park please please I am begging you we have nothing out here

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